In addition to the Connected Leadership Framework© that drives CODA content, Dr. Sartain’s research on the process of leader self-identity development was incorporated to design specific activities and content areas to make the most use out of this learning. Specifically, the program includes or recommends additional activities and resources depending where you are in your own process of leadership development.

Known as the Sartain Grounded Theory of Leadership Self-Identity Development© or SGT-LSID©, this theory suggests a phased and cyclical process for strengthening your leader self-identity.

Not only is it a useful consideration for your own leadership development, it suggests a critical starting point in coaching or guiding others to be leaders based on their current place in the leader self-identity development process.

Combined with the Connected Leadership Framework©, this theoretical approach will help guide you in the development and articulation of your own personal Leader P.O.V.® (point of view) which is the culmination of your development work in this program.

Through our leadership programs, we incorporate the SGT-LSID© grounded theory into our curriculum by having participants:

  • Reflect on the antecedents that primed their leadership journey and acknowledge the type of leader they want to be.

  • Identify their leadership aspirations to greater leadership connections by clarifying their leader intentions, desires, and goals.

  • Engage in a developmental mastery loop of acquiring, applying, and adapting leadership skills and knowledge to advance their leader aspirations.·

  • Assimilate selected skills and knowledge into their leadership repertoire and self-identity and, ultimately, articulated through a personalized leadership philosophy statement that we refer to as the Leader P.O.V.®.