Creating a Team P.O.V.©

Creating a Team P.O.V.© is a facilitated process through which in-tact teams create or validate their shared definition of team and their shared accountability for how to collectively achieve outstanding results.  

Frequently followed by the Connected Teamwork Program a facilitated team-building process through which in-tact teams build relationships and practices to achieve outstanding results.

Connected teams are high performance teams.  They are defined as teams that achieve superior results and sustain their success over time.  They are connected through their Team P.O.V.©  (point of view)  – a shared definition of their purpose, vision and values.  The Team P.O.V.© guides and drives their individual and collective decisions, actions, and behavior as they work to achieve superior results. The Team P.O.V.©  is shaped by the prior experiences, competencies, and the values of team members and the team leader, the culture and the context in which the team operates, and their beliefs about teaming and teamwork.

When creating a Team P.O.V.© the team leader and team members will be asked to consider:

They will also consider the processes and criteria that will best serve them when:

When using the Team P.O.V.© process with leadership teams the process will also include consideration of the dynamics between three roles each leadership team member may serve within the organization.

Functional Role

Required to bring a level of knowledge and professional or technical expertise to their assigned function(s).

Team Leader Role

Required to develop and lead a high-performance team for the unit(s) or function(s) that they are charged with leading.

Leadership Team Role

Required to contribute their best ideas and skills to the strategic focus and decisions that serve the operational and strategic needs of the team’s organization.