Leader P.O.V.®

Clarify and Articulate Your Leadership Philosophy

The Connected Leadership Journal is designed for future, emerging and experienced learners seeking to increase their leadership effectiveness. It provides writing prompts to help clarify and articulate beliefs about leadership and the leader one is or seeks to be - your Leader P.O.V.®

You will begin with a journal theme and topics that help clarify what you want to accomplish in leadership (your leadership intention).  This is followed by questions written to help you clarify your leader self-identity and to reflect upon specific critical leader success skills found in research to be most associated with leader effectiveness.  They include examination, exploration, enlistment, and execution.

Developing leader skills requires a complex, multifaceted, and ongoing process of inquiry, discovery, application, and evaluation.  This includes a large dose of trial and error, risk taking, and candid self-assessment. 

The Connected Leadership Journal can help you discover, clarify, and articulate your Leader P.O.V.® - your personal leadership philosopy.  

Using the power of reflective practice the leader looks inward, evaluates defining experiences, challenges, and opportunities and examines one's leader self-identity.  Journaling is a proven reflective practice that helps you to retain information, better integrate new ideas and practices into daily work habits, and synthesize old learning with new learning.  Most importantly, the activity of reflecting on key insights helps to clarify and strengthen your leader self-identity—which has been associated with leader emergence and performance.  

The Leader P.O.V.® is a highly personalized philosophy of leadership that has been shaped by prior experiences and changed, clarified, or strengthened by insights gained from journaling and new learning.  

It conveys the essence of your leadership philosophy to a reader or listener.  It should help others know:

Leader P.O.V.® Statements often also include insights about how you plan to pursue leadership mastery and strengthen your leader effectiveness by: