Michelle March, MSW, MBA, PH.D.

Certified Trainer

Chicago, IL

Dr. Michelle Lynne March is a dynamic higher education professor, psychotherapist, and business consultant, who passionately develops people and organizational frameworks through a cross-discipline approach, including business administration, psychology, behavioral analysis, and social work. Integrating years of psychology and human development combined with her evidence-based practice on business aspects of leadership, communication, and change management, she skillfully advances individuals and teams. She believes that self-awareness is a leading factor in acting and working toward a vision to be an effective leader, connected communicator, and engaged learner.

Dr. March has 20 plus years of professional experience, including over 12-years of teaching across higher education institutions both online and campus, as well as 20 years of executive coaching, training, and consulting across organizational contexts. Her skillful eclectic approach, combined with scholarly knowledge, practical application, real-life, and business experience, is the perfect combination for helping individuals and organizations reach for the stars.

Dr. March currently serves as an Assistant Professor for the Jack Welch Management Institute and as the Clincial Director and Psychotherapist for the Barrington Wellness Group.

In addition to her work with CODA's programs and materials, Dr. March is conversant with numerous other tests, measurement, and assessment methodologies.  

Dr. March is the co-author of a scale-measuring online teaching effectiveness.  Her research relates to online teaching effectiveness, encompassing epistemology and metacognition of the learning process-relational to student/client outcome and academic/organizational success via motivational strategies; effective teaching-bringing leadership into the classroom; institutional planning; organizational leadership development, behavior, personality traits, and cognitive psychology.