The Leader P.O.V.® Student Version

The Connected Leadership Journal - Student Version is for students seeking to clarify and articulate their beliefs about leadership and the leader one is or seeks to be - their Leader P.O.V.®

The content and questions provided in this journal are designed to guide students as they reflect on the people, experiences, and contexts that have shaped, and will continue to shape, their influence and their leadership.

Aligned with NACE, AACU, CAS and Seemiller's Competencies


The clarity of a leader’s self-identity is one of the strongest predictors of leadership effectiveness and personal influence.

Those leaders who can articulate and share their leadership philosophy - their Leader P.O.V.® (point of view) - in a concise, compelling, and memorable way will enjoy increased influence and overall effectiveness.

At the end of this journal, students will be prepared to create, and share with others, their own leadership beliefs and philosophy - their Leader P.O.V.®

 The Connected Leadership Journal - Student Version is a reflective practice tool faculty and other university professionals can use to drive or support efforts to:

1.  Enhance the student’s understanding of how they influence and lead.

2.  Explore the student’s personal values regarding influence and leadership.

3.  Build needed confidence for aspiring to greater influence and leadership.

4.  Strengthen the student’s influence and leadership capacity and efficacy.

5.  Discover the student’s leader self-identity.

It can be used in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular efforts.

The Connected Leadership Journal - Student Version has been written and organized in a manner consistent with the expectations the student learning and development models and organizations listed below.  Click each icon to learn more about how each of these models and organizational goals link with the journal content and anticipated student outcomes. 

Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) - Key Components of a Contemporary Liberal Education

Each journal theme in the CODA Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version aligns with one or more of the Essential Learning Outcomes set forth by AACU' as key components of a contemporary liberal edcuation.

AACU Key Components

Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) – Student Learning and Development Outcome Domains

Each journal theme in the CODA Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version aligns with one or more of the six domains for student learning and student development outcomes set forth by CAS.

CAS Learning Outcomes

National Association of    Colleges and Employers 


Career Readiness 


The CODA Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version can be used to help students attain and demonstrate six of the eight career readiness competencies set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers as requisite competencies for successful transition into the workplace.

NACE Career Readiness Competencies

NACE and Leader P.O.V.®Alignment





Each journal theme in The CODA Connected Leadership Journal: Student Version aligns with one or more of Dr. Corey Seemiller's eight categories of Student Leadership Competencies.  The journal questions provide an opportunity for student learners to consider their influence and leadership against each of Dr. Seemiller's four competency dimensions: knowledge, value, ability, and behavior.

Seemiller Student Leadership Competencies

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