Connected Leadership

Strengthen Leader Self-Identity & Effectiveness

The Connected Leadership Program targets the cognitive elements of leadership—an emerging research focus that has shown the clarity of a leader’s self-identity is one of the strongest predictors of leadership effectiveness.

Built on the latest research regarding how leaders become leaders and how experienced leaders become better leaders this multi-session program is organized around the Connected Leadership Framework©.

The program is comprised of learning activities that are open-ended and interactive. They are designed to foster the sharing of the ideas and experiences of the participants rather than prescribe a narrow and specific range of predetermined leadership solutions. 

This approach allows the facilitator to select activities and guide discussions to that which is most meaningful to the developmental needs and circumstances of the participants. It can be specific and customizable for each participant and each cohort as opposed to a boilerplate, one-size-fits-all intervention that is characteristic of many current leadership programs.

Connected Leaders: