Randy Keirn, CSP, EFO, MPA, BSH, RN, EMT-P

Certified Trainer

St. Petersburg, FL

Randy Keirn is a Training Professional and Leadership Expert with more than 25 years of experience in Fire Services.

As an accomplished Chief Officer, Instructor, and Community Educator, Randy has dedicated his life to instilling leadership in every professional and personal capacity.In addition to delivering thought-provoking presentations and training sessions across the country, Randy still serves as District Chief, Training Officer, and Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for Lealman Fire District in Pinellas County.

As District Chief Randy manages and directs emergency personnel and equipment at three fire stations that respond to more than 10,000 emergency incidents annually. As the Department’s Training Officer, Randy trains all new firefighters. He provides continuing education as required by laws and standards to over 60 firefighters each month.