Leading Connected Teams

The Leading Connected Teams Program provides a framework for leading high-performance teams. 

Using a case study, and the personal application of lessons learned, team leaders discover or confirm: the requirements for team membership, the team’s purpose, how to gain each team member’s commitment to that purpose, and how to ensure shared accountability for results.

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Leading Connected Teams applies the Connected Leadership Framework©, an evidence-based approach to leadership development to the leader's role and responsibility for selecting, developing, and guiding a team.

 A leader’s preparation is incomplete without a focused examination of how to create and lead teams.  

Connected team leaders understand that leading a collective effort requires them to answer four questions:  

The program is comprised of learning activities that are open-ended and interactive.  They are designed to foster the sharing of ideas and experiences of the participants rather than prescribing a narrow and specific range of predetermined team leader behaviors.  The program incorporates case studies to provoke discussions about how team leaders might best answer the four questions.

Team Membership Who is On 

the Team?

Connected team leaders recognize that whether they are building a team from scratch or inheriting a team from a previous leader, deliberate attention to team composition is critical for attaining high performance. 

They work to ensure they have identified and secured the right talent mix.

Team Purpose 

What is 

the Team to Do? 

Connected team leaders have a clear and compelling purpose – a reason why this team should and does exist. 

Integral to a high-performance team is the leader’s work to define the team’s purpose so that it is clear, energizing, important, and requiring of members' best work.

Team Commitment Where is 

the Team Going? 

Connected team leaders communicate the vision and secure the commitment of each team member to that vision.

Connected leaders act in ways that generate and sustain buy-in to that vision and which confirm a shared accountability for attaining that vision.

Team Performance How Will the Team Define and Achieve Success? 

Connected team leaders set clear and measurable goals and targets.  

Connected team leaders embrace accountability and focus on results.

Connected team leaders continuously monitor progress and address barriers.

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Also Explore Team P.O.V.© and Connected Teamwork