Carolyn Quintin, MA, CSP

Authorized Consulting Partner

St. Petersburg, FL

Promoting the value of ideas, creating synergy among teams, and helping individuals realize their full potential are the driving passions of Quintin & Associates, Inc.

Quintin & Associates, Inc. President Carolyn Quintin’s experience in working with companies across the globe – Fortune 500 businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, government agencies and more – makes her one of the most highly sought leadership development trainers in the market today!

With a passion for harnessing people’s power within and drawing out team potential, she uses strategic tactics to help guide organizations through conflict, change, or cultural transformation.  And, it’s all grounded in an atmosphere of creativity, practical leadership skills and personal growth.

With the Quintin team in their corner, companies have realized the transformative power and ultimate bottom-line benefit of insightful and long-term effective training and facilitation programs. Such companies include Harley-Davidson Motor Company, BPI Group, and Essilor of America.

In addition to being the President of Quintin & Associate, Inc. and a CODA Authorized Consulting Partner Carolyn serves as: