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About CODA Partners, Inc.

CODA is a professional collaboration of leadership development experts, researchers, human resources professionals, OD practitioners, and certified coaches. 

For over 30 years, we have researched and field-tested how to:

With decades of measurable results, we can offer highly-engaging, evidence-based curricula and strategies. 

At the core of our programs is the importance of connecting - with our own identity,  and with those we lead, serve, and work along side.

Like CODA's flagship products, The Connected Leadership Program and the Leader P.O.V.® Capstone Experience,  CODA programs and learning products are organized around the Connected Leadership Framework© and the Sartain Grounded Theory - Leader Self-Identity Development Model ©

Every case study, classroom activity, reflective practice, and guided discussion is designed to help clarify and strengthen identity and to help refine the tools necessary to lead self and others to optimal results.  

CODA Partners, Inc. was founded by James P. Sartain, Ph.D. and Kathryn Davanzo.  Over the years they have leveraged their experiences as leaders, researchers, writers, speakers, and trainers to benefit leaders, teams, employees at every level, and students and to advance the conversation around how best to increase leader, team, and individual effectiveness.